Bouvet’s board of directors comprises people with a broad background in technology, communication and finance.

Board members

Pål Egil Rønn

Chairman of the board

Pål Egil Rønn (born 1968) holds a PhD in engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and has taken the advanced management programme (AMP) at Insead. He has held various management positions in AF Gruppen AS from 1999 and was group CEO in 2007-15. Since 2016, Rønn has been chair of the same company.

Grethe Høiland

Board Member

Grethe Høyland (born 1956) has a master's degree in Power Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and a Bachelor in Business Administration from BI. She has experience from various management and board positions. Grethe Høiland is currently Executive Vice President for Marketing and Customer area in Lyse AS (renamed from Lyse Energi in 2015).

Ingebrigt Steen Jensen

Board Member

Ingebrigt Steen Jensen (born 1955) is a University of Oslo graduate. He is an author, copywriter, consultant and speaker on leadership, motivation, branding and communication. He has built and led several advertising and communication firms, including JBR Advertising Agency, Dinamo and Alle Gutta where he currently works.

Egil Dahl Christen

Board Member

Egil Christen Dahl (born 1968) holds an MBA from the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo. He has experience in entrepreneurial activities through Platekompaniet and as a private investor. Since 2004 he has held various directorships.

Tove Raanes

Board Member

Tove Raanes (born 1977) has an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics. She has extensive experience in investment companies and in management consulting. She has also held a number of directorships.