Bouvet Development Kit simplifies developing apps on HoloLens 2

Get to know the Bouvet Development Kit - our first Open Source tool for developing apps for HoloLens 2 in Unity.

Bouvet Development Kit (BDK) is our new framework that simplifies and reduces the build time for app development for HoloLens 2, in addition to giving developers increased control of the code.

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With BDK as a starting point, you can quickly get started creating a HoloLens app. BDK gives you easy access to all of the standard functionalities of the HoloLens, says Bård Magnus Sødal, who works as an AR / VR developer at Bouvet and has been involved in developing the framework.

Open Source

Photo: Bård Magnus, Mixed reality-developer at Bouvet 

Our new toolkit is also Open Source and is available on Github. This means that developers from all over the world can access to use it and that they have the opportunity help make BDK even better. The link to the GitHub can be found at the bottom of the article.

BDK is suitable for all HoloLens developers, Bård Magnus continues:

The framework is especially suitable for developers who want more control of the code in their app.

For example, the ability to decide exactly how the interactions with buttons and 3D models should be.

Why have we created our own framework?

In 2015, we started our investment in Mixed Realty and have since built one of Norway's largest teams with expertise around AR and VR technologies. The team works with our customers to solve complex challenges using cutting-edge technology. This led to us in 2020 becoming one of the first authorized resellers of HoloLens 2 in the country.


The photo was taken by parts of the MR team when we received our first HoloLens 2 in 2019

A while back, our team decided to start developing our own framework, as existing solutions did not cover our needs sufficiently, says Bård Magnus

- Another factor that made us decide to create this framework was that the existing frameworks were a bit too large, and therefore needed a long compilation time. It took about 10-20 minutes each time we had to test something on the HoloLens. With our new, lightweight framework, the construction time came down to less than 2 minutes. This makes it faster for us to test changes to the code, and saves us several hours of waiting each day.

Here you can see how we grab the object at a distance and up close.

Do you want to test yourself?

You can find BDK on GitHub.

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