Bouvet purchases strong centre of expertise in Innlandet

Bouvet has entered into an agreement to acquire Headit’s business in Innlandet county, with 35 employees. As part of this deal, the group will enter into Headit’s assignments in the region to ensure a seamless transition for the clients.

Emphasis on culture

Bouvet has a long history of organic growth, and has recruited able employees in step with client requirements. This approach has given it a unique corporate culture and a strong community where the workforce exerts direct influence. Headit shares many of the same values, with a culture which gives employees a central place and a heavy emphasis on expertise and sharing.

Building further in Innlandet

“We have long wanted to secure a presence in Innlandet”, says Bouvet CEO Per Gunnar Tronsli. “With Headit’s expertise and local presence, we’ll continue to build on the solid basis it has created over 20 years. Our aim is to establish ourselves as a leading centre of expertise and consultancy in the region.”

Headit will be fully integrated in Bouvet as part of its eastern region, which already has offices in Oslo, Sandvika og Drammen.

Closeness to clients

With 16 offices in Norway and Sweden, Bouvet is well positioned to understand its clients’ language, culture and business needs. That equips the group to undertake most assignments locally. Establishing it in Innlandet will not only strengthen its presence in the region, but also allow it to offer more services to its existing clients.

“To continue developing as a leading centre of expertise and consultancy in Innlandet, our entry into Bouvet is an important and natural step in such a direction,” says  Rune Kollstrøm, CEO of Headit.

“We’ve already been described on a number of occasions as a ‘mini Bouvet’ in Innlandet. With our values and culture of putting people in the centre of attention as well as a strong specialist team, we have much in common. Becoming part of Bouvet will allow us to build further on what we’ve already established while nevertheless becoming part of something much bigger.” 

Headit AS in brief

Headit is a consultancy with 35 employees and its head office at Hamar. Established in 2000, the company works on developing and tailoring digital products and services. It delivers services in such fields as system development and architecture, user experience, project management, data platforms,. DevOps, software development and service design.