What we offer

Fixed pay with overtime remuneration

We know that you and your colleague all work equally hard for our success. Every employee accordingly receives a fixed rate of pay for their job. Performance-based pay and individual bonuses are not for us.

The job’s important, but so is your free time. If you make a bit of an extra commitment, you’ll naturally be paid for the hours you put in. And it’s up to you if you’d sooner take the time off in lieu.

Profit sharing

We work and create together. So we also share and share alike. All our employees receive a portion of the company’s profit. You get just as much as the rest of your colleges regardless of what job you do.

Expertise development

As a knowledge company, we depend on clear-thinking minds which are up-to-date about their discipline. Expertise development is more than a virtue for us, it’s an imperative. We are generous with in-house knowledge sharing, and enhance our skills externally where that’s the best approach.

Share purchase programme

You care a bit more about the things you own, don’t you? We believe the same holds true for people who own a piece of the company they work in.

So you’ll be able to buy shares in Bouvet at a discount once a year. After three years of service, your shareholding will be doubled at no cost to you. And then we’ll work together to ensure that the share price continues to develop in the right direction. And, of course, Bouvet pays a dividend.

Pension scheme

After a long working life (hopefully with us), you deserve a well-earned retirement. We have good occupational pension schemes. That hardly needs saying!

Parental leave

Having a baby is a big event, which must not incur an economic penalty. We cover the gap between your pay and the national insurance benefit you’re entitled to.

In addition, you continue to earn full holiday pay while on leave. We also provide flexible schemes for child care leave.


If you become seriously ill or badly injured, we would like to have you back at work as soon as possible. First and foremost, however, you’ll be offered quick diagnosis and treatment because that’s the best for you and your nearest and dearest. You get the following insurance cover:

  • —   health
  • —   travel
  • —   accident
  • —   collective disability pension
  • —   whole life assurance

Independence outing

Our history began as far back as the early 1990s, when a group of Norwegian consultants wanted to liberate themselves from Swedish ownership.

Since than, we’ve been a Norwegian company built on Norwegian values (which includes great Swedish colleagues and clients on the other side of the border).

This is celebrated every year with an independence outing to an exciting destination at home or abroad. Everyone is invited and (almost) everyone is included. So why not join in?


Other benefits

  • Telephone subscription 
  • Mobile phone 
  • Private internet subscription
  • Company medical service
  • Subsidised lunch