When you visit our bouvet.no website, we register some information about your visit with the aid of a cookie. This is a small file which gets stored in the web browser on the device you are using.This cookie is not harmful. It contains neither viruses nor programmes. What it does is to store information from our website, such as when you last visited us or data you may have entered in a registration form on bouvet.no.

Information collected by bouvet.no will never, under any circumstances, be shared with others or sold. Nor can it identify you personally, but will only be used to analyse your user behaviour in order to improve our website.

The cookies we use are explained below.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to analyse user behaviour on our websites. This programme collects information about which pages on the site are most read, what visitors look for on bouvet.no, and so forth. The information cannot be traced back to you. We use these details to improve and further develop our website.

Google Tag Manager

This is an analysis programme which handles other tags and scripts, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. The information stored cannot be traced back to you. It is utilised to make continuous adjustments and adaptations which allow us to provide our users with the best possible experience on bouvet.no.