ESG and social responsibility 

Bouvets broad range of services in the information technology, design, communication and business management fields makes Bouvet a full-service supplier and long-term strategic partner for many clients, and thus an important facilitator of and contributor to their sustainability efforts.



Our approach 

We take sustainability seriously. Our vision of “we lead the way and build tomorrow’s society” demonstrates that we want to contribute to long-term value creation with the focus on the environment and the climate, social conditions and corporate governance – the three pillars of sustainability. 

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Our four focus areas since 2020:​

We will pay attention to sustainability
in all relationships with clients and partners

We will develop and share expertise on sustainability

We will embrace an inclusive and diverse culture

We will lead the way and keep our own affairs in order



Reports and insights 


Sustainability report 2023 

An excerpt from the annual report regarding our sustainability reporting.

Read the report here (PDF)

Bouvet Transparency Act Report 2023.jpg

Transparency Act Report 


Read the report here (PDF)


Bouvet Equality statement 2023.jpg

Equality statement 


Read the report here (PDF)



Our documents


We in Bouvet take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability seriously. Our vision of “we lead the way and build tomorrow’s society” shows that we want to contribute to long-term value creation with attention concentrated on the three ESG pillars in sustainability – climate and the environment (E), social responsibility (S)
and corporate governance (G). 


The environment 

Environment policy

Environment strategy





Our environmental impact


ISO 14001 Environmental management (PDF)

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Customer projects


Through collaboration with clients, we can pull the world in the right direction. Our clients comprise important societal players in such fields as energy, the public sector, manufacturing, transport and health. They are engaged in an environmental and climate transformation to meet regulatory requirements, work towards their ESG goals in order to contribute to the collective attainment of global and Norwegian goals.


Clusters and collaborations

An example is SFI Smart Ocean, which looks at how information from the sea can be collected and utilised. We are contributing our expertise on data platforms.


How we work with equality and anti-discrimination in practice


Our equality work is pursued in line with the four-step model, where we investigate and establish conditions in our group, assess the risk of discrimination and look at possible obstacles. Measures are then taken to promote equality and evaluate the work in order to make further progress. These efforts cover recruit- ment, pay and working conditions, promotion, training and development, customisation, and the work-life balance. We have assessed these areas in relation to all the basic requirements which follow from the Norwegian Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act.